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Friday, 21 December 2007


Aunty Shabby

So why didn't I get a wash cloth then?! Or did you mean the other sister?? But then that means she now has two and I don't have any yet....


The rain has been surreal hasn't it? A lake formed at the bottom of our street- I did a U-turn to avoid it, but someone else braved it and ended up floating in the middle of it until the waters subsided.
Glad you've been enjoying the dish cloth knitting too!! I hope you're knitting a few to keep for yourself!

Anna Laura

How crazy was the rain yesterday? I got the bus to Oakley and got there at 4 for a house inspection close by at 4.30. Between that time Gareth and I had to pull the little Mazzy 121 over because we couldn't see a thing. I was worried we would get trapped as the sopt we parked in was filling up so quick. We only had one no light intersection with a right hand turn no less, but it still took us 2 hours to get home from Bentleigh! Then today it started pouring down while we were driving, I was thinking come on! Not again. But it wasn't half as bad as yesterday.


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