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Sunday, 30 December 2007


Aunty Shabby

NO MORE WOOL AT ALL???!!! It's going to be a long year!

I actually sorted out my own ever-increasing wool and fabric stash after our boxing day purchases and am happy to say that it is now all happily housed - no more random piles or bursting plastic bags on the floor! I'm not sure that it is all properly catalogued as such (it is in my brain), but at least it is neatly packed away - there is even a little bit of room left for some more!


Interesting thought regarding managing and measuring. I've measured the fiber I have to spin: 82 lbs. That was painful enough. Now to figure out the least painful way of measuring the yarn that's accumulated.


I had promised to myself that I would not buy anymore printed cotton, until I had used more from my stash, but you know what, there is a fat quarter set smiling at me on Etsy, argh!!!!!!!

Happy New Year, and new stash!!


blimey! i do like your cataloging technique - all those yarn samples beside each other looks quite inspirational in itself.

Lisa thedomesticdiva

WOW! I'm speechless...LOL! I'd love to see what your entire collection looks like when catalogued!

when you're ready to get your fabric in order, head on over to my blog for the Sewing Room Organization challenge...

happy holidays!

With friendship,


I'm just impressed.


wow. that's a serious yarn addiction!! I don't want to even think about doing that with my fabric and other bits and pieces of crafty stuff that I *might just* use one day.


Nooooo - too scary to catalogue. I'm not even thinking of realistically assessing my fabric piles.

Anna Laura

I'm impressed your cataloguing it all. I could never do that, I am such a messy person in terms of things like that. I'm trying to be less lazy with putting things away, but my brain finds it easier to just throw it somewhere else, usually on the ground.

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