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Saturday, 17 November 2007


Aunty Shabby

I think they might give them nightmares..... Only kidding.


I like them. they are different and quirky in the best possible way.


I think they're mega cool! I'm getting a bit over the ultra-cutesy twee softies that are everywhere these days, so yours rock! I woulda loved one of these when I was a kid.
I was blogging the other day about having no softie mojo too, gimme handbags any day - they don't talk back to you!


They're delicious in that beautiful "someone took the time to make this for me" way. They carry a lot of love on their slightly askew shoulders - Big Job. Congrats.


I like them, they look kinda funky..rockstar-y and they have that handmade feel to it...I really like them...well done!

Tracy Chapman

I think they are lovely. Some kid is going to love the stuffing out of those!


I kinda like 'em. They have an an oggedy-boogedy feel. Kids don't pay too much attention to how perfect your stitches are either. As long as it holds up to a bit of tea party/tree climbing/rocket launching action

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