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Friday, 09 November 2007



All those blankets are beautiful! I have only ever knitted one and it drove me mad - it ended up really pretty - it's from Lucinda Guy's book "And so to Bed" - all in one colour but knitted in relief! I do like your red and blue blanket!!


my aunt by marriage crocheted a white blanket for frank when he was born. five years later, it's a pathetically sad ragged affair, but it's name, rather originally is 'blanket' and is a 'he' blanket. frank can't sleep without it and to get to sleep, he pushes his fingers and toes through the holes. when we go up to bed and check on him, we have to untangle his limbs from blanket, in manner of a game of twister :)
baby blankets rock! (although i hope he's grown out of it by the age of 16, or it could be embarrassing ;)


these are beautiful and you are so right about the 'made with love' thing. I am inspired to make one for my own baby, even if it is going in to summer.

Caroline Duncan

just finished reading through and thought I would let you know I purchase my organic cotton from
Balls are $8.80 each and very speedy delivery. I love knitting washcloth/dishcloths, they are the perfect take anywhere project.
Great blog.

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