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Saturday, 24 November 2007



oH MY goodness Martine, how frustrating!!!! Oh, but my the colors in this are mouth watering for sure. I DID chuckle. . . it reminded me of a purple hat that my mom knit. . . (when she was able to) She made the hat. . . washed it dried it, could't figure out why it was SO SMALL, so she called her best friend back home in California, only to find out OH NO, she wasn't suppose to FELT IT!!!!!!! My mom and her friend got a really good laught out of that one. My mom is also perfect just like you!!! snicker snicker snort!!

aunty shabby

I'm not sure I am familiar with that wool, but it does look interesting, with its colour variegations! Don't you look at the little grid (or whatever the technical term is) on the wool's label, estimating the finished size of a particular stitch/row ratio?! I always find circular knitting a bit perilous and have found from my own experience that it does pay to be conservative on the stitch count. I once tried to make on circular needles a little collar/necklet thing that had looked very fetching on a friend, out of Miraggio (the nice greenish colour way) - so fairly short - and ended up with a scarf! Which my husband now occasionally wears!


Oh, dear! I can relate...


Might she grow into it?! lol, a great phrase from all our childhoods, and only something I said to Edward yesterday!

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