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Tuesday, 16 October 2007



yes, certainly made me smile :-)

i like the sheer nars lipsticks, they last an age.

x Amelia


I completely understand - I feel naked being outside the house without my eyes on.

I like Bloom's combined eyeliner eyeshadow pencil, smudged.

Aunty Shabby

After just talking to GreenOlive about the fact the she doesn't take me fabric/craft shopping anymore, as well as my love of cosmetics (see my previous post), I mentioned that I had recently discovered a website which sells top quality skin care and cosmetics (a lot of which are stocked at MECCA) much cheaper than retail, even up to 50% off or more! She asked me to post details here. What's the catch you say??? There isn't one! You may already know it, if not, check out StrawberryNET -

You then need to choose your country. I won't go on and on about it, except to say it may not have everything you want (ie. no NARS) but has lots you will want and lots of stuff you didn't even know you wanted. It is worth checking regularly, as I just found stuff today that wasn't there 2 days ago. Real, reliable and cheap - I know people who have been using it for years and apparently even Australian Vogue staffers use it! The reason it is so cheap is that it's based in Hong Kong and even their retail prices are much cheaper than Australian! If you love it even half as much as I do then you'll be a very happy and well-groomed woman!!!

Aunty Shabby

For those who like the NARS blush Orgasm, check out MECCA Cosmetica's 10th anniversary limited edition stuff - NARS has done a full size Orgasm blush, together with a pearlescent highlighter called Albatross, in one compact with mirror for $70! The blush alone is normally $60 and apparently the blush in this is actually bigger than normal size, plus you get it in a nifty gold box signed by Mr Nars himself!

Yes, I did buy one myself and am loving it. My MECCA of choice (which I introduced GreenOlive to) is on Toorak Rd, South Yarra. Ask for Clare, she's great. Did anyone else receive their BEAUTY mag in the mail recently??! (Plus I got free KOKO BLACK chocolate and MECCA sunscreen the last time I shopped there as a special "VIP thank-you"! Maybe I really do spend far too much money there.) Anyway, it was also produced to commemorate their 10th year milestone. I really like it - great products and design.


Gotta love that Nars Orgasm blush. I'm so behind the times with makeup. But I've now learned that the girls at Mecca Cosmetica at good old Chaddy (or Chadvegas as we like to call it) are very good with makeup tips. Have you learnt the putting-eyeshadow-at-the-base-of-your-lashes trick. That's a great one I only discovered last year for defining eyes.
Your job sounds very interesting by the way; although I haven't worked out quite what you do yet. I'll have to keep reading.


Janet, its Estee Lauder and is called Smudge Black, so technically I probably shouldn't call it charcoal grey, but that's what it looks like.
My orgasm is my first...


I *do* so understand. My weapon of choice is "Umber" (dark brown) eyeliner - Elizabeth Arden. I've been using it since I was 16.

The makeup talk is a language unto itself, I think! Of course, I've always thought the Orgasm looks wonderful on everybody. I'm on my third one. Heh.

I'm dying to know, however, what brand the charcoal grey eyeliner is? And I totally concur that eye definition is of the utmost importance if you're on display!

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