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Thursday, 18 October 2007



I'm so envious of that felt, I never see anything that nice round here.


Bianca,I ended up going to the Glen Huntly store as its closest for me. Only, 1 mt, I think I bought about 6 mts in total. No self control! Anna, Glen Huntly store. Thinking about checking it out again this Friday... Aunty Shabby is feeling a bit left out and wants some silk and felt too, but she's more earth colours.

Anna Laura

I went and had a look in the Heidi store on Burgandy road (I think?) on the way home from dropped of Gareth's parents at the airport, but alas they were not open on a Sunday so I had to look in at all the fabric and just think, oh well as least I'm saving money!

The felt looks lovely, as does the silk. Where would our closest one be?


Great stash! Wonder where the grey felt went...when I was there they had a whole roll and I only bought 1m..ah well..I love the colours you have..think I might have to go back. Am thinking of making the cosmo bag with one of the felt colours (any tips on how to read those darn difficult american patterns...guess it would help being a native english speaker..which I'm not)Look forward to your felt projects.


Oh my, that felt looks divine, almost edible, very yummy :) The silk also looks lovely, but I fear it still a little :(

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