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Sunday, 07 October 2007



Yep, love mags too! My can't live withouts are Inside Out (subscribe), Frankie (subscribe), Adorn, Craft, Real Living, Real Simple, Ready Made, Blueprint, and Notebook. I trade my Real Simple with a friend for her Martha Stewart Living every month, and she also gives me She. I also buy other odds and sods when the spirit moves me, like Creative Knitting, Lula, Cloth Paper Scissors, Knit 1 and Bust.

Pllllllllllllllllllllease tell me where i can find Marie Claire Idees locally????


I think I need to say that this two-week period was the time of the month when most of the mags come out, and that my stack for the other two weeks in not as big, usually. If I get any strife from Mr greenolive about this problem I have, I'm gonna make him read all your comments!


Hi! I just found you via Summer Pickles...and that mag hag habit seems to be the domain of crafters everywhere. I collect them, too like there's no tomorrow. Then when I tire of some, my mum takes it away and it sits in her collection for eons, in case I wanna look at them again.


Glad to know I'm not the only one with this addiction!!


That was a great post as I could identify with it. "My name is Joni and I'm a magazineaholic". Although, I've noticed my mag. purchasing being cut down as my book reading has increased... all due to blogs I read and inspire me to read a certain book. And I'm even getting books from the library which I never did before. I read several a week and I was spending so much on hardbacks plus the magazines.

But, aren't magazines grand!!!


You've made me feel so much better! I wouldn't beat myself up about my magazine habit quite so much if I didn't have a bizarre urge to hang on to every blessed one! I'm drowning.


I'm impressed as well -- I never knew that my sister would have competition in the magazine-acquisition department. I get a bit anxious if I have too many magazines around, but I love to pick them up and read them at the book store.

Mostly however, I'm intrigued by the idea of Australian versions of magazines I'm used to reading.


WHOAH! And I thought I was bad.

I'm terribly impressed.


I would so dig drinking tea at your house.


Wow, if i had unlimited funds to spend on magazines (how i *love* them) i would have a collection to rival yours! ;0) I tend to pick up all the design/craft/food mags.
Where do you get your Blueprint from? I have been dying to get my hands on a copy to check out but none of the newsagents up here stock it. Drat.


ha! my pile of mags isn't quite that big, but nearly :) i'll toss in my copy of elle deco & embroidery magazine too. if i'm feeling rich i also buy crafts & selvedge. but only if i'm feeling rich, cos you need a mortgage for both. further to your 'aren't you a taurus too' question, yes! (weird!) libra and taurus are a very good pairing; opposites attract. my husband is completely a libra, i call him 'mr. balanced' ;)


apparently Australia sells the most amount of magazines per head than any other country. I love them too, I never throw out any interior design mags. My biggest problem at the moment is the amount of cooking/recipe mags that I have in the bottom of my pantry. My aim is to go through, rip out all the recipes that I like and compile them into one,nice simple book....ONE DAY.

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