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Thursday, 25 October 2007



I think your Pink Ribbon post was fab, and didn't consider it too personal at all! Important stuff, so it should be said. Yeah!


I agree, your 'too personal'post would never have scared me off. I'm just catching up on my favourite blogs, which is why I haven't commented earlier, I wanted to say thank you for sharing your families experiences, if it helps just one person, then that's a fantastic thing.


Your last post was too important to not share - thanks for spreading the word.

Aunty Shabby

I still think it was wasted on her! I bet I don't get one for Christmas!!!!


I second the 'not too personal at all' thing. We all gain from posts like yours.

And pleased the washcloth went down well, because I'm planning a few as gifts this Christmas.

Anna Laura

I think your last post was fantastic and don't think you should change the subject. I think it is always important to talk about things like breast cancer as it maybe reminded someone to do a check and keep those kind of things in peoples minds. I was talking about breast check ups with some co workers so when I read you post it was interesting timing. I think it is hard to write about personal things in blogs and I am always touched when others share parts of their lives with others and really enjoyed reading it.


It's awesome yarn, isn't it? Haven't tried this shade yet, must do so.


she's a very lucky sister indeed! It's important to have that kind of luxury for yourself - all to yourself! This cotton does look very soft and yummy. I agree with Mr.G.O. - perfect Christmas presents :0)

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