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Monday, 17 September 2007



thanks for the words of encouragement guys, glad to know its not just me, and that it does get easier!


the first batch of things I put on Etsy seemed to take an AGE.

Wierdly, I uploaded a few things lately and it was easy peasy, snap, snap, snap.

I do wish they would have a personal item profile though that you could save - so you could save a profile for 'monkey' and it would pop up.... They do it for postage......


I've found it really frustrating too - it takes me so long to get something ready to list (including taking decent photos) and then I spend hours getting the photos the right size, the right way up etc, and it then takes ages to upload - aargh - I agree i wish you save stuff before you've finished, and also if you could list something similar like you can on ebay so you don't have to retype everything. but I agree with fiona - hang in there.


hang in there greenolive!!i believe strongly in the practice of putting down and walking away, sanity is important!!!


I think the inability of being able to save a half done listing is the most annoying! On the whole I have found it quite easy, except for the mammoth size of each image, which can take a blooming age!

Take your time, relax, and don't worry, we will all still be here :)

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