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Wednesday, 26 September 2007



I had no idea how many fellow sufferers (?) there were. Cold sores now almost gone and I'm back to wearing lippy as normal. Still keeping up the fruit and vege thought...just in case!


oooh, yum... I'm coming to your place for dinner! Sounds great. I am hopeless with getting my seven serves in a day.

These markets sound good, too. Hope the cold sore goes away soon - hubby gets these, not pretty, not comfortable, and not for inspiring a mood for socialising!


I hope your cold sores get better soon. I get those nasty things, so I understand. owie!


watch it you...just cos you're married to a pom bloke, doesn't mean you can diss his national dish lady, hehehehe. and just so you know, that weren't just any old sausages, they were 'newmarket' sausages, as eaten by the queen. (and i'm not talking about a drag queen either, i'm talking the real deal ;)


Yep, nodding my head as well here. Amazing how a little spot like that can send you into "not wanting to leave the house and stay in bed" mode. Hope you are feeling better with all of the diet changes.


well done you, do you have more energy? sounds like your doing all the right things!my husband suffers from cold sores misarable little buggers..


Well done for listening to your body! Mine gives me cysts. Nasty little buggers they are, so I sympathize wholeheartedly.


Nodding my head in understanding and empathy...

St Andrews Market? I grew up around there. It's a great pleasure to know that it's still going.

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