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Sunday, 30 September 2007



morning! thanks for always writing comments on my blog, i can usually depend on you for a response, hehe! the piece is called 'may sixth' because at the top of the ledger page is that date handwritten in pencil, hard to see on that particular pic of it...!


Hello - thankyou for dropping by - its always good to meet a new friend :)

Aunty Shabby

Is the flower name you were looking for "ranunculus"?! That's what they look like, but yours don't have a lot of petals - they are usually more tightly packed. They also look like a rather exotic poppy! Very nice, bright orange. Rather an Aunty Shabby shade!


It's a special limited edition for the first 30 copies of issues two. It has lots (we hope lots!) of goodies included with it, and sold out in less than 30 minutes. We I last heard from the girls they had already sold over 200 of the "normal" issue two. Email them if you want to get a copy. Links in my LH navigation on blog.


Looks like a rewardingweekend, I hope I have one by the end of it!!!
Just ordered the next issue of Mixtape, I missed the first one - bah! But what about this sampler??!!!

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