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Thursday, 13 September 2007


Aunty Shabby

I know he got it from Michael's in the city, but I don't know how much either! You can ask him, I don't think he'd mind. Your photos do look good though!

Was trying to be funny with my use of the word "saw", as that was the typo. I guess I wasn't very funny or obvious! Typos are probably inevitable in a blog. I just realised I had made one myself anyway!! Are you blogging from work? Naughty girl. Me too. What's today's wardrobe update?


Aunty Shabby, where is the typo? And my camera isn't as good as your new one. I thought it was a bit rude of me to ask Sam where he got it and how much it cost! If you see anyome typos let me know. Mum wouldn't be too impressed would she?

Aunty Shabby

Green Olive (much older sister of mine)

Nice to see I rate a mention on your blog. The pinks do look nice together, particularly on your dress model. "Saw" you had a typo though! Photos look good - what camera are you using and it is at good as my new one?! Wearing one of my own "Aunty Shabby" scarves today. Look forward to your next wardrobe update!


Ha! Read this today, wearing... pink!

Having just been out to the markets to buy flowers, with my purple handbag and purple greenolive flower brooch (the one with the pink button in the middle - lovely), and came back with flowers... pink and white!!! Channelling Hanaah??? Don't know what you are talking about!

Still loving your blog and watching your shop! Hope to catch up soon,


definitely pretty in pink :)

Anna Laura

The pics looks great, I love all the pink combo's. Very Andie Walsh of you (although with much more style, the dress she made was pretty ugly, even for the 80s!)


I can't believe those scarves didn't meet with immediate approval - I think they look great. But I understand about other things getting in the way, hence no etsy. I am sure it will be a bit hit whenever you do get around to it. As sappy as it long as you're happy!


I love the scarf and the brooch! They are great!!


Hi Mette – you can have one very shortly. Once the Etsy shop is open for business that is!


Great scarf! I like the colours and mix of different yarns. I would like to have such a scarf!

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