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Friday, 07 September 2007



Well that is a magnificent thing! I love, love, love it.

I do so believe in messages from the universe. It can be hard to explain to those around you when the figures don't look likely, but the gut has to win out in the end don't you think!

kate Shuttleworth

do you sell your scarfs - I would love to buy one.


I started a textile design and redundancy got in the way! Watch out for the blog post!


are you telling me you are doing a textile design course???? There are 2 things in life I have always wanted to be. A sassy jazz singer or a textile designer. If I was still living in Melbourne, I would want to be doing that course.

I'm jealous. I love that scarf. I made a similar one which is currently being worn by my mum on her Perth holiday. Qld, not so good for scarves.


Clearly you girls are that certain type of woman! Luckily I'm making some more of these. Each will be individual and unique, and I hope will have a little bit of greenolive in them. Thanks for the comments.


I'd have to echo what both Samantha and Nora have said and would add that I love the scarf very much!


Beautiful story. Beautiful scarf. I'm glad you're designing and, more importantly, I'm glad you're happy.


thank you for sharing this post - I loved hearing the story behind the scarf. and it is inspiring to see someone unleash their own creativity and find out what makes them happy.

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