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Sunday, 02 September 2007



Sounds like an eventful day right enough! I am glad that you managed to get some sales! It's very brave to go out there and sell your wares!


Yay! Well done you...I would be thrilled with that outcome on your first day! I am sorry that I didn't make it to say hello... next time perhaps?


Thanks for all the comments folks. Now 24 hours has passed we've forgotten yesterday and are planning for next Sunday. Mr greenolive has already checked the weather (22 degrees) and has worked out how to make a market tent-shelter out of an igloo from the nursery. I'm reserving judgement until I see it in the flesh!


Blooming people! I know It seems petty, but the thing I hate most of all about craft fairs is when people say things like 'beautiful work' and 'I've never seen anything like this before' because on the whole it means that they are not going to buy anything and feel uncomfortable about that!!!
But you hang in there! Your work will go down a treat on Etsy, it really will, and try more fairs, and find what works for you :)
God, I always end up ranting on other people blogs!! Lol!!


It's a shame that you didn't have more luck on your first day, what with the terrible weather and flying fabric flowers! :0)Hopefully the next one will go a little smoother.
And 2 sales! That is something to smile about! :0)


well done on the sale at the end, but i know exactly that feeling of 'oh bugger, why do i bother?' especially with all your hard work before hand. and i just know you'll laugh about it in the years to come when you're selling your scarves for hundreds of pounds!
on another note, has that canvas turned up yet? i'm getting slightly anxious and itchy :)

Anna Laura

The tent looks really good, I see what you mean about the washing line with the scarves. they look really good hanging like that!

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