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Tuesday, 14 August 2007



my husband also loves to get in on the act although he is shy to admit it. he's helped me block knitted squares, wind wool, all sorts of things. it's great to do it together.


Fantastic project- I love those combined effort projects. It really adds something special to them. Scott and I bought fabric together to make a quilt a year ago, but we haven't gotten any further on it yet. Oh well, I suppose we've been busy!


Thanks all of you for the lovely comments, it was so nice to come back from holidays and find them waiting. I can highly recommend husbands as crafty partners. I think the secret to my success was that it was HIS idea to help me. If I'd asked I'm sure he would have helped for the first day and then given up! He will be so chuffed that you've commented on his work!


awwhh, your such a dag!!so lovely, i dont think i would every get my man near a rotory cutter, he thinks it's for cutting pizza!!


What a great idea to do a quilt together! Might have to get husband in on the act!!


This is the kind of wonderful project that I always dream of doing - it is truly beautiful and, as Di says, sure to be an heirloom.


That's a great quilt and so nice to be something that you did together - as you say it will become a cherished family heirloom..

French Knots

What a lovely, romantic story of how your quilt was made. When you are old and grey you'll still be snuggling up discussing your favorite squares!

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