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Tuesday, 07 August 2007



Jodie: it would blow my mind too! I think you need to tell me more about the keywords – I like the sound of them!


I recently hit 5000 views for my blog.....which kind of blows my tiny mind.
The most interesting stats for me are always the keywords people have used to find me. Almost always hysterical.


I think I'm one of those, without redoing that test. sounds familiar to me.

read your article in mixtape last night whilst bathing the kids. Glad to hear that you are adjusting to the blogging/crafting life. you seam to be a natural.

loving your choices of wool on flickr.

don't forget to call if you want to catch up next week. :)


happy 40 days and i'm glad we've met :)
now start working on your second article!! deadline Sep 1


Hi Feli, thanks for dropping by and subscribing!


Hi Green Olive,

I came via Mixtape Mag that I got this morning and thought to drop by and say hello. :*)

I have subscribe your blog with bloglines and will be back to read more.

Congratulations on your 40th day. :*)


Thanks guys, it was such a thrill to wake up to the comments. Lusummers: good luck with the blog, I've got you on bloglines. Nora: ditto. Ali: thanks.


You've got 5 subscribers now. Alice at Raspberry sent me over and you had me hooked with your first post - Im an ENTJ and utterly wedded to my stats too (don't tell a soul).

What a lovely place you have here.


I think it was that Noro SG scarf that drew me to you... :)


hehe, i love that you're a stat freak! i have been doing blu-shed for just over a month, and i can't believe how my life revolves around it now. in a good way, and in a time-wasting way! (i constantly monitor who's looking, and where they're referred from) but i've met such fantastic people and had a lovely response to my work.
by the way, i've left you a silly comment on my blog :)

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