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Saturday, 18 August 2007



Hi Amelia, did you know that INTJs make up only 1% of the population? But its not unusual for them to stick together. At my new work there are four of us within the one group. And interestingly I knew the three of them before I got the job there. Good luck with the list, it took me a week to write mine!


thanks Martine - being a bit of an INTJ perfectionist planner myself I am going to have to think long and hard about my eight. stay tuned!


I had a feeling it was! That's so cool. :0)


yes, it was at that time I was a member. I went to a couple of functions in Bris.

See, I am a bad speller too. THREW not THROUGH!!!


Hi Vera: would you believe its Czech? The family moved from Czechoslovakia to America before the first World War, settling in New Jersey. Apparently I have inherited my Czech Grandfather's curly hair, face shape and blue eyes.

Hi Samantha: good to meet you and Aunt Cookie. Going to check out your blog now. Watch out for stalkers!


nothing wrong with listing what you want to pack :) and I'm a nail biter too - given up trying to break the habit - oh well.
It was great to meet you at Magnolia Square - and I'm looking forward to reading your next article, I loved the first one. But you're no stalker!!


Thanks for sharing! I just love finding out interesting facts a tid-bits about people!
You name, Zajacek sounds Eastern European? My dad is Czech so i always find things like this very intriguing.
And i am with you on the English village thing. That would be great!


Hi Tiel: it was around 1996 to 2000. It was when we had the monthly newsletter and lots of functions at the RAIA building in South Brisbane. I used to work at TAFE Qld, then Southbank TAFE as an designer. We will catch up next time.

Justine: first draft done, some more research underway. How many words can I have this time?


now you know you can't blog me!

My hair is quite wavy in summer and straightish in of both worlds.

i always write lists. Infact I have a 'going away for the weekend' list saved on my computer. It is a spreadsheet and each row is for a family member..even the dog if he comes with us. It only changes with the season.

OK, now when were you the president of AGDA? I used to be a member. ANd I am sure I remember your name now on letters and invites. I am sure I even contacted you when I was teaching at TAFE in Toowoomba. I only recently through out my old file with that info in.

Hope you enjoyed Brisbane. Next time, we should catch up.

French Knots

Perhaps I could live in the same village and visit your work shop to help with the chocolate!

Anna Laura

Good to hear you're home safe, back to the cold cold hills!

I also love making lists, but I don't do it that often, although I have a list of things I want to do this weekend so I don't waste it!


wow! nice to get to know you a bit more :)
thanks for the tag, I will do it this week-end
hows you article coming along!

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