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Monday, 20 August 2007



Hello to my new readers and thank you very much for leaving a comment. Last thing before bed and first thing in the morning I jump online and check for comments! Mr greenolive is hoping this may ease off sometime in the future, but I don't think so!


I found your blog via Tiel’s and I want to say I love it! I can’t tell you anything about English husbands, but mine (Dutch) is sure very sweet, as some bloggers tend to say: a keeper!


Hope the mad half hour is over! Jemima is fab - as a relatively new reader of your blog I hadn't met Jemima before and I have to say I just love her hair!!


crikey, i'm a taurean too! i rarely lose my temper but when i do i blow my top. how sweet of your husband with the doll on your pillow, i'm not sure it's the english in him (or if it is, it's passed my husband by!) or if he's just a damn good bloke. as for your question regarding oscar-type speeches, no, i didn't have to give one. i just had to smile sweetly at a camera, it was filmed by a guy with a video camera, and i wanted to ask him not to point the damn thing at my arse as i walked up the steps, but sadly i didn't get a chance!


Tiel: so more of a sensate than an intuitive. Not teaching, doing project management in their IT section, web projects mostly. I was just thinking about buying a nice A5 notebook to keep myself organised and as a treat. Taurean too? I think I should have blow my Dad off that day, as it was I got off at the wrong train station and travelled 3hrs on public transport for just a 3hr visit. Of course I knitted in the train, didn't want to waste time!


oh, and I'm a cranky taurean! constantly screaming at the kids....well just last week.


OK, I just did the test. Did it twice before when I was young, but forgotten the outcome. Not sure if the one I did was the real thing, but it was fun. ISTJ!

You'll be fine. will you be teaching? take a deep breath. Buy yourself a beautiful new notebook every month to write your list in. Something special, not just a piece of paper. YOu'll be fine.


My husband can be that sweet, when he is awake enough!!!

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