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Tuesday, 28 August 2007



Hi Marti – thanks for the comments, its my favourite too. I'm in the middle of making some more of these in different colours (brown, grey and navy). I'll email you about them. I'd be delighted for one of them to go and live in the States!


Hi Greenolive!
Just found your blog and am eager to read on, but must say that you make beautiful things! I'm specifically ogling the pieced fabric scarf. Didn't realize it's exactly what I want until I saw it. $50 - $70 would be a good price but a higher price would not put me off. Our botanical garden just hosted a Japanese Festival where one fabric artist charged $120 for a similar scarf that only featured 1 patterned fabric alternating with black fabric. Your's are way cooler. Please let me know if you still have this scarf and if you're ready to sell!
Marti in St. Louis


good luck with the market - I'm hoping we might be able to get there. as for pricing - mmm - such a hard one. I really find pricing hand knitted items the hardest. The scarves are divine, and you've used beautiful yarn - but how much will someone reasonably pay for a scarf? I'm sorry I can't be more helpful.


Heavens above! pricing these things is nightmare-ish... I hate this part of it and so end up being a bit random about it really.

BUT, having said that, I love your work and I would pay at AT LEAST $70 for your scarves.... and I go bonkers for accessories, so I would be prepared to spend much more on your flowers than the group here have suggested...

Have fun at Mt Dande... might see if I can get there... whereabouts are the markets??


Blimey this is always a tricky one, and I still haven't learnt!

The scarves, well the knitted ones I would say at least £40, and the fabric ones, at least £50-60. It is so hard, and much harder at craft fairs, because there they are staring you in the eye and saying 'how much?' lol! I'm sure everyone has one like that, mine was in an electric scooter!!! Argghhhh, but enough of me, your stuff is divine, and your branding is fab!


where about in mt dandy?, havent been to one up there, even though its around the corner!!love to come and say hi!! me thinks cost plus 50%-70%??? after a few markets you will get the vibe and ajust accordingly...good luck greenolive im sure u will blown away and sell out in no time...


I agree with Sparrow - $250 for the knitted scarves - at least! (Especially if you've used Noro!)

And sewing all those little strips together for the obi scarf would be very time consuming, therefore $120 (or at least $80)! :)


You may find that using slightly lower initial pricing online in order to build a customer base may be more beneficial. You could charge slightly higher rates at fairs and markets to covers the costs of the function and consider raising your rates online once the business takes off (judging by what I've seen you'll most likely have to consider reevaluating prices within the first week)

When looking at the initial online prices I've suggested please keep in mind it's a bit of a shot in the dark and that I'm tempted to tell you not to let any of your scarves out of your sight for any less than $250 :)

fabric flowers: US $5-9
felt flowers: US $4-6
necklaces US $25-50
pieced fabric: US $30-60
striped things: US $40-60
entangled: US $40-60
cards: US $2-5 Individual $ 6-12 pack


Good luck with the market. Haven't a clue about prices but your stuff looks lovely and your tags are awesome.


ok i'll have a shot too, but i'm afraid it'll be in pounds, but this is what i think you'd be able to get in the uk, i'm not sure if it's the same in oz...
knitted scarves: £40-50
fabric scarves: £25-35
necklaces: no clue, but i'd say £10-£20
handmade flowers: £10-£15
felt flowers: £3-6
cards: £2-£3
i know when i asked for feedback the prices varied totally. my canvases had suggestions from £8-£45, so i settled on £20 for etsy (with some trepidation) and i've sold 4 in less than a week (1 to your good self!). to a degree you've got to go with your instinct, and don't price too low. it's better to get known for good quality pieces.
my husband always says that if he's buying something handmade for me, he wouldn't touch something too cheap, because then he thinks it isn't well made. and that's my husband. who's a farmer. amazing.

Lucinda J

This is a bit intimidating, but I'll give it a shot. After admiring all your photos on flickr, here are my ballpark numbers:
fabric flowers: US $9-12
felt flowers: US $5-8
necklaces(wow,clueless here)US$30-45?50?>?
pieced fabric: US $30-60>
striped things: US $40-70>
entangled: US $40-70>
cards: US $3-5
This is difficult without a two sided conversation. I feel I might be way off on some because I don't have a feel for what you pay for the supplies. If the yarn is more expensive then you would expand the prices upwards accordingly of course.
I'll be interested to read others opinions and probably will have second thoughts on what I've posted! Best, Lucinda

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