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  • Hello, thanks for stopping by. I'm a graphic designer by trade and am trying to build a creative life that will financially support me. My passions include fabrics, paper and print - and I design and hand make a range of accessories, fabrics and paper products. I live on the coast south of Melbourne, Australia with my husband. Almost daily walks on the beach keep me inspired to create.

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Friday, 27 July 2007



ooohhh, this is lovely!


ooh, i do like the pieced fabric scarf. red and monochrome, so lovely together.


Hi Nora – I'm conducting market research, which of the designs "speaks" to you and would you be prepared to part with cash for? And thanks for the comments.


I love your colour combinations too. Beautiful work.


Hi Lucinda – thanks for the feedback. The Stripy Things are certainly getting the most feedback. I'm working on a way for you to buy. Might have to make another grey Stripy Thing just for you – I can't part with the original!

Lucinda J

While I am extremely attracted to the mix of textures with your third scarf - I can imagine running my hand over them --- My first purchase would be your original stripey thing! I can really imagine a good feeling with that draped around my neck and I love the colors you're using. Now all I need is a way to buy it! I look forward to seeing your progession with your to do list :0) and add my encouragement! sincerely, lucyellen06 (flickr) Lucinda J. (plain old me)

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